Admission Process, Tuition & Fees

Admission Process

At Gospel Without Borders Seminary and Bible Institute, we make the admissions process simple as to get you started in equipping yourself for ministry.

  1. Resume: Each candidate will submit a life experience resume
  2. Admission Application: Submit your application forms, fees and the degree you have chosen to pursue.
  3. Transcripts: Submit your transcripts for the degree you are pursuing.
    1. Baccalaureate Degree – high school transcripts or official college transcripts from post-secondary institutions.
    2. Master’s Degree – Official transcripts from the completed seminary Baccalaureate degree and a copy of diploma.
    3. Postgraduate or Doctoral Degree – Official transcripts from the completed seminary Master’s degree and a copy of the diploma.
  4. 2 Letters of recommendation: These letters should demonstrate the character, qualities, and capabilities of the candidate applying.
  5. Scholarships are available. 

Application Fees (non-refundable)



Baccalaureate  Application Fee


Graduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Application Fee


Course Fee Schedule (per credit hour)
Degree Program Per Credit Hour #of Credits Estimated Degree Cost
Baccalaureate $45.00 120 $5400
Graduate $75 60 $4500
Postgraduate, and Doctoral $75 68 $5100
At least half of the credits must be obtained through GWBSBI.
Textbook Fees: Textbook fees will vary based on the curriculum for each course.